Tips of Wisdom from Donna

As adults we often lose touch with what our bodies need and we frequently use the excuse of money or time to prevent us from taking care of ourselves. One thing about Donna that sets her services apart from others is that she genuinely cares about your health and skin care regimen and often gives you tips to take home with you that are cost-effective and easy to manage.

  • Ingesting too much sugar can cause acne by throwing off your internal balance creating harsh affects on your skin. Less sugar, more water is the best method.
  • Instead of eating sugar, you should consider using it as a low budget exfoliation method in between visits to Donna. Pump your everyday face wash into your hands, sprinkle it with sugar and gently massage your skin in a circular motion brushing away dead skin cells that collect from day to day. Be sure to rinse well!
  • Sleep and Eat! Your body needs time to restore its energy from day to day, so does your skin! Sleep is the best method to help restore your color, tone and vibrancy. In addition, your body needs to replenish its water and one easy method to maintain your hydration is to “eat your water” through plenty of water-containing vegetables (lettuce, tomatoes, celery and cucumbers.)
  • Always wear a daily moisturizer with sun protection. If you can’t find one that works well – consult Donna, she’s an expert.