One of the more common methods of hair removal, warm wax is applied to the area, covered with cloth strips and removed leaving the skin soft and clean. This method usually lasts between 4-6 weeks and hair re-growth is often softer and smoother than other methods of hair removal. This method is common for areas including face and body.

Considerations: Hair should be about ¼ inch long for waxing to work. Skip shaving for a few days so you can get the best benefit from this method. Also, if you have acne, sensitive facial skin or are on medications that might make your skin more sensitive, consult with Donna before waxing as she may suggest another method more suitable to your skin type.



  • $8 Lip
  • $8 Chin
  • $15 Eyebrows
  • $25 Face


  • $15 Underarm
  • $20 Stomach
  • $25/$25 Arm (Lower/Upper)
  • $35 Arm (Full)
  • $40 Back
  • $28 Bikini
  • $50 Brazilian
  • $35 Half Leg
  • $50 Full Leg