Skin Repair Treatment Menu

With each client Donna conducts a thorough skin care analysis to determine the best skin care methods. Each service is customized to the client's individual needs.

Custom Peels starting at $70

Developed to help brush away dead cells and rejuvenate the tone and feel of your skin, this treatment incorporates mild chemicals to peel away unwanted and damaging dead skin leaving you with skin that is clean and revitalized. This treatment also helps to wash away impurities and limit the visibility of scars caused from acne and other damaging agents. It is perfect to help unclog pores and reveal fresh layers of skin.

Light Therapy Treatment included in anti-aging facial

LED Light Therapy is a non-abrasive, non-invasive and painless treatment to help improve the appearance of aging, sun-damaged and acne-prone skin. It is designed, in essence, to clear your skin and improve color, tone and texture while keeping breakouts at bay. The use of LED helps promote collagen production and restore the skin’s natural cellular activity. It reduces the appearance of aging and damaged skin such as fine lines, wrinkles, or sun-damaged pigmentation. This is a great treatment for those enduring hormonal changes and topical acne without drying out your skin.

Acne Treatment starting at $75

Developed to clear away acne-causing impurities, this treatment utilizes a combination of products and equipment to safely and effectively reduce the appearance of acne. Often times prescription medications can severely damage the skin through topical and internal means. This treatment helps to evaluate your skin’s needs and properly treat acne all the while enhancing the benefits of prescription medications and minimizing the negative effects of other acne products.

Cellulite Reduction Body Wrap starting at $125

Cellulite is a genetic condition where fat gets stored in pockets of fibers common in the legs, buttocks, abdomen and thighs. This Cellulite Reduction Body Wrap focuses on extracting excess liquid from these areas through an integrated process of massage, creams and compressions.