About Donna Chan

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Donna moved to the United States in 1979 with her family. In 1984 she graduated with a degree from the Beauty Institute of Hong Kong, known for its leadership in health and beauty development and pursued a career as an Esthetician. Donna keeps herself busy between her new business, yearly educational seminars, assisting with family businesses and raising three children.

Education and Certification

Recognizing the importance and modern development of health and skin care, Donna attends yearly conferences in Hong Kong to update her knowledge, certification and expertise in the skin care and health and beauty industries. Her goal is to remain in the forefront of health and beauty trends so that her clients can benefit from the discoveries and developments made around the world.

Understanding that good health and beauty care starts from the inside out, Donna carefully integrates both western and eastern skin care methods to enhance the results of her clients and encourage healthy dietary habits at home. She recently completed a skin care program designed by Dr. Murad, a leading dermatologist in the skin care industry and developer of the Murad Skin Care program. Thus, allowing her to educate her clients on cell therapy, anti-aging processes and acne treatments and specifically how to keep your skin healthy through ways of eating habits.

In addition, Donna attends the annual Health and Beauty Care Conference in Las Vegas where she learns updated skills, new trends in technology and break-through non-surgical procedures.

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