Anti-Aging Treatment Menu

With each client Donna conducts a thorough skin care analysis to determine the best skin care methods. Each service is customized to the client's individual needs.

Deep Wrinkle Treatment by consultation

Wrinkles in skin are often times due to the reduction of oxygen and water in your skin that is more abundant when we are younger. This treatment has been designed to revitalize your skin through encouraging the absorption of water. Using a small pulsing, non-surgical light therapy device, this procedure brings back the oxygen, collagen and elastin to your skin to smooth out wrinkles. Results from this procedure are immediate.

Anti-Aging Facial starting at $125

This therapeutic and relaxing facial is designed to increase circulation through a facial massage while incorporating hydrating and rejuvenating serums that penetrate deep into your skin to bring out the full benefits. This is an opportunity to restore your skin’s youthful appearance, clean deep down to eliminate dirt and bacteria and rejuvenate your skin. This full-service facial incorporates deep cleansing methods as well as a custom peel to pull out impurities and exfoliate dead skin cells. LED Light therapy is also used to restore natural balance and tone. This treatment is recommended for those looking to restore the youthful balance of your face and neck.

Non-surgical Face Lift Facial starting at $175 (Non-surgical & Botox-free Face Lift)

This non-surgical procedure utilizes micro-electrical pulses to gently massage your facial muscles to increase circulation and restore the natural lift of your skin. The full facial treatment starts by exercising your neck and continuing up towards the top of your face with special focus in your trouble areas. Donna conducts a careful examination of your face to ensure an accurate match is achieved leaving you looking younger and feeling great. This procedure is highly recommended as an alternative option to painful and costly injections or surgical procedures.

Non-surgical Eye Lift Facial starting at $75

Similar to the full Face Lift Facial, this procedure gently stimulates the muscles around your eyes to reveal a natural lift avoiding uncomfortable pain or drastic and obvious change in your look. This non-surgical Eye Lift Facial stimulates your muscles to work for you and give you a natural appearance.